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Ring Size Guide

How to Figure out Your Ring Size at Home

Let’s take the guesswork out of picking the right ring size at Jedco Ltd! If your intended ring purchase is for yourself or someone already in the know, then the job is easily done by visiting a local jeweller. It’s also possible that the wearer already knows their size, and you just have to ask to find it out. If they don’t know their size or plan a surprise, you can figure out the ring size yourself. 

The average ring size for women ranges from size 3 to size 9. Most women are likely to have a ring size of size 5 to size 7, size 6 being the most common pick. For men, it ranges from size 6 to size 13. The size 8 to 10-½ prove to be a perfect fit for most men, and size 9 is the most popular pick. Knowing these standard sizes will increase your chance of picking the right ring size. 

Use a String or Paper and Ruler to Get the Exact Measurement

There are a few tricks to measure the ring size at home. Wrap a narrow strip of paper or string around your finger’s base and mark where the ends meet. Now measure the entire length along a ruler (mm units). Check the ring size chart and pick the one closest to your measurement. Instead of the finger, you can also measure an old ring that fits perfectly. 

Side view of a golden ring with a different cut style.

Ring Resizing

More often than not, people feel the need to get their ring resized one or several times. So you don’t have to be super anxious about finding the perfect ring size for your loved one on the first attempt and consider the cost of resizing when purchasing a ring. At Jedco Ltd, we also accommodate our customers’ ring resizing requests after the purchase and can do the first one free of charge (excluding the shipping cost).

Our craftsmen can upsize or downsize your ring by a couple of mm units. However, the bands with diamond studs embedded all the way around or bands made up of tungsten material cannot be resized.

Need More Help?

Connect with our ring makers for more information about ring sizing and resizing.

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