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Heirloom and Jewellery Redesign

Heirloom and Jewellery Redesign Services in Edmonton

Do you own some vintage jewellery that stays in your closet as a cherished keepsake but is hardly ever taken out? Of course, those clip-on rhinestone earrings won’t go with your modern outfits. At Jedco Ltd, our skilled artisans transform your old, dull, or broken jewellery into something new without losing its sentimental value. We provide jewellery redesign services in Edmonton and Western Canada and can also refresh your heirloom jewellery.

Repurposing lets you turn your old heirloom pieces, weary-looking gold, and loose diamonds or gemstones into statement jewellery, which can be enjoyed for many generations. You can trust us to refresh the design or fashion an entirely new arrangement of the stones into a different jewellery style. Talk to us to discuss redesign possibilities. 

Upcycling Jewellery and Repurposing Family Heirlooms

Upcycling is an intricate process of recycling and repurposing or reusing your vintage or old-fashioned jewellery pieces. Our competent artisans can repurpose anything and work with precious metals, golds, and gemstones to create new designs that appeal to the wearer’s taste and style. Instead of letting your grandparents’ precious wedding bands collect dust, you can reuse them to customize your own engagement rings. Repurpose your mother’s old gemstone-studded ring to personalize a gorgeous necklace that she would love wearing.

A golden bracelet with five gemstones of different colours.

Uncover Exciting Possibilities with Jewellery Redesign

When customers bring their old pieces with sentimental backstories, many are thrilled to learn that jewellery redesign is a way to honour the past while preserving and restoring its eternal beauty. If you are looking for the perfect engagement rings, repurposing metal and gems from your old heirloom pieces would make a truly meaningful way to make your loved one a part of your family.

Our skilled craftsmen will work with you to develop the redesign concept and set it in 3D renderings and wax moulds. Once you are happy with the virtual image of your repurposed jewellery piece, we will create the final product with utmost respect and care.

Transform Your Jewellery

From improving the colour of old gold to repurposing precious gems from your heirloom pieces, we can do all kinds of transformations.

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