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Diamond Guide

A Complete Guide to Natural Diamonds

Diamond is one of the major purchases. You would want to get the best quality diamond without overpaying for your purchase. The 4C’s - cut, clarity, colour, and carat - can help you strike the perfect balance between the beauty of the diamond and your budget. These traits define the value of a diamond, while their significance can differ from person to person.

For example, a buyer might not bother about a diamond’s imperfections which are often imperceptible. With a brilliant cut that gives the stone a remarkable sparkle, you will be able to achieve a wonderful piece at a reasonable price. Give us a call to explore our selection of diamonds.

The 4C'S - Cut

The cut of a diamond can make or break its brilliant appearance, no matter how colourless or clear the diamond is. Jedco Ltd ensures a proper cut that passes the light test (light escapes out from the top of the diamond). For this reason, buyers must choose precision-cut services for their diamond jewellery.

The 4C'S - Clarity

Inclusions in a diamond show the presence of natural particles trapped inside the diamond during its formation. These imperfections impact the diamond’s clarity. Buyers are recommended to go for diamonds with VS1 or better, wherein imperfections are not noticeable to the naked eye. This makes such diamonds more affordable for buyers.

The 4C'S - Colour

Ideally, high-quality diamonds are colourless. A yellowish hue is a trait of poor-quality diamonds. The grading scale that measures the rarity of diamonds is defined by letters from D to Z. D represents a perfectly colourless and highly rare diamond. If budget is a concern for you, you can select a diamond of grade H or higher wherein the yellow colour is not noticeable.

The 4C'S - Carat

The diamond’s weight (not size) is measured in carats. Precision cuts can accentuate the size and shine of even a small diamond more than that of larger diamonds with improper cuts. Moreover, larger diamonds are rare finds and, thus, more expensive. The trick to buying diamonds in a more budget-friendly way is to select one below the half- or full-carat mark or a larger carat diamond with more inclusions or colour.

How to Care for Lab Diamonds

A good diamond upkeep routine is to wash it in warm water using mild soap. Alternatively, you can buff off your jewellery with a soft cloth or a toothbrush with soft bristles. Avoid wearing your diamond jewellery when doing chores to keep it safe, and visit your jeweller if you notice that the diamond is wiggling in its setting.

Vintage and Recycled Diamonds

Need a less expensive center stone for a ring? We can help you find a vintage or recycled diamond in your budget.

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