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Engagement & Wedding Rings

Engagement and Wedding Rings in Edmonton and Western Canada

Jedco Ltd manufactures exquisite engagement and wedding rings in Edmonton and Western Canada. You can find a wide selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, and anniversary gifts at our jewellery store. The jewellery we offer is made up of alloys for more strength and durability.

Our experienced team has the right expertise to help you make the right and educated decision about your jewellery purchase. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on all the latest design trends and source quality diamonds from Canadian manufacturers. And diamonds are forever: all Jedco Ltd diamonds include a buyback guarantee - if you want to change or upgrade the diamonds in your jewellery, we'll buy your diamond back for the price you paid. Check out our guide on engagement rings, wedding bands, and ring size to obtain key information so that you can make confident choices.

Fabulous Engagement Rings

Choose Jedco Ltd if you want your jewellery to be unique and of high quality. Make your testament of love look like no other by giving her a special ring that she would be proud of for years to come. Get the perfect diamond ring for your important day at Jedco Ltd. Visit our store or send us your design today for an in-house designed or custom engagement ring that's perfect for her. Not only will we explain the 4Cs of diamonds, we'll also educate you on proportional jewellery design. A diamond that is too big or small for the jewellery piece might not have the desired impact. We'll make sure it's perfect, at any size or budget.

Image of three different gold rings with different styles of diamond stones.

Symbolize Your Unending Love with Our Wedding Bands

Beautiful and everlasting designs with custom options make Jedco Ltd the right place to buy your wedding bands. Find the wedding rings that will seamlessly symbolize your lives together. Whether you are looking for an alternative metal wedding band or a conventional yellow gold wedding band, we will manufacture wedding bands that are just right for you. Don’t go for the same cookie-cutter ring that everyone has. We'll craft the right band to epitomize the love you have for your special one. Don't have a design in mind? We stock a wide selection of in-house designed wedding bands for both women and men.

Diamond Rings and More

Explore stunning engagement rings and dazzling diamond wedding sets at our store. Or send us your dream ring design, and we'll make it. The choice is great.

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