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Wedding Band

A Complete Guide to Wedding Bands

Picking your wedding bands is as important a decision as saying ‘I do’ - at least it comes close! However, the key consideration in customizing perfect wedding bands is to match them with your engagement rings. If your engagement rings are from the Jedco Ltd jewellery line, we can quickly line up several pairing suggestions. Many of our custom wedding bands are hand-crafted to pair with the collection of engagement rings. 

In case your engagement rings are not from the Jedco Ltd line or you would like us to work with your unique design ideas, you always have our drawing board ready. We ensure to provide you with a perfect wedding band design that will look wonderful next to your engagement rings. Discuss your ring design ideas with us today.

Match Your Wedding Band to Your Partner’s

“I want to have my wedding band match my partner’s” - keeping up with this old, romantic tradition is a choice that is best made by the couple. At Jedco Ltd, our wedding band selection offers some simple designs that match your partner’s ring and still accommodate customizations to suit your style. Having made this wedding-related choice, there are other aspects to consider when choosing your bands.


Practicality is thinking about the everyday aspects of your life now with a ring. A sturdy metal base is the right option for individuals living an active lifestyle. For example, 18k gold is vulnerable to scratches and will need more upkeep throughout its lifetime. Alternatively, 14k gold or platinum can be maintained with little care for many decades. 

 Closeup of a silver wedding band covered in precisely-cut diamond style.
A broad golden ring with engraving on it.


Engraving names, wedding dates, messages, or inside jokes on your rings gives them an extra personal touch and meaning. Our professional artisans can engrave most ring types and execute even the most complex designs for our customers.

Perfect Wedding Bands

Symbolize love and commitment to one another with our personalized wedding bands.

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