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Engagement Ring

A Complete Guide on Engagement Rings

When you are out to buy engagement rings, the choice becomes harder as you explore endless and even repetitive product selection. This is where Jedco Ltd’s engagement rings guide comes in to help you custom design your own ring! The first step to creating an exclusive ring design is to choose your ring mount. You can pick from some common mount styles, such as solitaire, 3-stone, halo, cluster, geometric, and vintage-inspired, based on your personal preferences. The quality and colour of the material to create the mount also add a distinct look and thus should be carefully considered. 

For maximum aesthetic and structural durability, be careful about selecting the type and colour of metal when designing your ring. Quality of metal, stone hardness and setting style, count of prongs, etc. - all determine your ring’s overall durability. If you need one-on-one guidance on picking your rings, call Jedco Ltd in Edmonton.

Select Your Centre Stone

Up until a few years back, putting diamonds on engagement rings was the norm. However, the younger generation gravitates more towards beautiful and budget-friendly options in non-traditional stones. These include teal sapphires, rainbow-speckled opal and peach morganite. Here are a few things to consider when picking a centre stone for your ring:

Colour and durability of the centre stone

Listing the colours you are likely to choose will quickly narrow down your choices. If you are attracted to clear white stones, you would want to explore diamond, moissanite and sapphire options. At the same time, be cautious of the stone’s durability, which is determined by the rating on the MOH scale. Stones with a high rating will suit you better if you have an active lifestyle that might chip a weak stone over time.

Three different styles of gold engagement rings kept on a shiny surface.
A small ring with a floral design and purple gemstone kept on top of flowers.

Man-made vs naturally occurring

Moissanite is the most popular man-made counterpart of naturally occurring diamonds. Through brilliant cuts perfected over the years, synthetic diamonds look exactly like real diamonds to the eyes and mimic the properties of a diamond.

Custom-designed Rings

Are you looking to buy custom-crafted engagement rings?

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