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Gemstone Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Gemstones

If you’re not already a connoisseur of gemstones, this comprehensive guide to gemstones from Jedco Ltd is carefully crafted to help gemstone lovers choose their jewellery design. All gemstones are equally enchanting to the eye, and you would want to own them all. Each glittering gem is believed to be a transmutation of special nature-derived powers and is marked by unique features in terms of colour, durability, toughness, and so on. 

With so many gemstones out there, it is quite an exciting journey toward discovering a crystal that adds meaning, grace, and healing to your life. If you want a knowledgeable professional to help you pick the perfect gem for your jewellery, please don’t wait to give us a call.

Some Popular Gemstones

Some of the gemstones you can find at Jedco Ltd include:


Morganite can be found in different hues of pale pink, peach, rose, and salmon. Its value increases with the colour saturation level. This mineral, also known as beryl, is rated 6 on a scale of 1-10 representing hardness.


Emerald is popular for its intense green colour, which varies from yellowish-green to bluish-green, whereas the intensity varies from light to dark. Inclusions of foreign objects during the formation of emeralds add a natural charm to their beauty. However, the clear and less opaque stones are valued higher. Emerald, or beryl, is an 8 on the M0Hs scale of hardness. 

A face of the ring with a green gemstone kept on a reflective surface.
 Closeup of a silver ring with a blue gemstone attached.


Formed out of corundum, a mineral, sapphire comes in seven rainbow colours. Shades of blue, pink, white, and yellow are the most common ones. Montana sapphire, a teal-coloured gem, is setting a trend of late. The deepness of its shade determines the quality of the sapphire. Sapphire is a 9 on the M0Hs scale of hardness. 


Moonstone originated from the intermingling of two feldspar species called orthoclase and albite. The light falling on a moonstone scatters in all directions, giving the gem its unique glimmer. A high-quality moonstone is more colourless and transparent and gives off a blue shine. This gemstone is a 6 on the M0Hs scale of hardness. 

How to Care for Your Gemstone-studded Jewellery

Take extra care to prevent scratches on your gemstone or grazing against hard surfaces. You can wash your gemstone-studded jewellery in warm water using a mild foaming soap. Leave the piece to air dry or use a microfibre cloth. You can also go for ultrasonic or steam cleaning of your gems, given that there are no inclusions or fractures.

Find Your Favourite Gem

You’d be impressed by our wide selection of gemstones at Jedco Ltd in Edmonton.

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