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Lab Diamond Guide

A Complete Lab Diamond Guide

Don’t confuse man-made (or cultured/synthetic) diamonds for natural (or mined) diamonds. Humans have learned to produce diamonds in labs out of just a tiny part of a mined diamond called diamond ‘seed’. As a result, both the diamonds share the same composition and characteristics. Creating diamonds in labs proves to be more sustainable than obtaining mined counterparts, which are costly and cause damage to the environment.

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The 4C'S - Cut, Clarity Colour, and Carat

Then proper cut gives the diamond its brilliant appearance and reflects out the light travelling into it from the top surface.

Inclusions, which are visible foreign particles, can reduce the clarity of the diamond. Pieces with inclusions are priced lower, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers.

A perfect diamond has no colour. A hint of yellow is a trait of a low-grade diamond. The grading scale shows a decline in quality represented by letters D through Z. D represents a rare, perfectly colourless diamond. The yellowish hue becomes more prominent in grades H and higher.

Carat is a measure of a diamond’s weight (not size). Precision cuts can make a small diamond look bigger and brighter than a larger diamond with improper cuts. As large diamonds are rarer and more expensive, diamonds below the half or full-carat mark will be a perfect choice when the budget is a concern. If you want to go for a larger carat, diamonds with more inclusions or colours can still become a budget-friendly choice for you.

How to Care for Lab Diamonds

You can keep your lab diamonds sparkling with a simple cleaning routine of warm water with mild soap. Or buff it off with a soft toothbrush or cloth. If the diamond moves in its setting, have it re-set securely by a jeweller. Avoid wearing your diamond jewellery pieces when doing chores to prevent scratches.

Budget-friendly Lab Diamonds

Diamond is every woman's dream. Now with lab diamonds, it’s within budget too!

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